Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween happenings

the past couple of weeks have been full of more fall fun. though i haven't been trick-or-treatin' in years, there are a few october-y things that will always be must do's. let me share my list with you!

number one has to be caramel apples!
 making caramel apples is always a tasty endeavor, and it's even more fun to share the adventure with friends! we invited some friends and family over for a monday night fhe. we had a great lesson watching these videos and then made caramel apples for the activity/treat. (multi-tasking is the way to go)
it was so fun to have our house full of happy people!
 check out everyone's creations!
i loved that curtis and michael just dug right into their apples (i'm more of a neatly sliced caramel apple fan), but seeing it all over their faces was definitely worth it!
 the whole group!
 couple caramel love.
it's so fun to share family night with friends.
but it made me miss this friend. i'm sure she is having a happy hawaiian halloween though!

check back for the rest of my october must-do list... 
p.s. happy halloween!

p.p.s. this was my 100th post!! how long do you think it will take me to get to 100 followers?

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  1. just saw this post... LOVE it! missing you, caramel apple treats, and showing up to tap in matching shirts! sly!