Sunday, November 4, 2012

more halloween happenings

just continuing my list of october must-dos...

2. carve pumpkins
 i love carving pumpkins. it is probably my most favorite halloween activity. we got together with some fun, new friends from our ward to carve pumpkins for f.h.e.

this year i found these neat "wolf" pumpkins at the farmers market with my mom, meaning that they weren't fully ripened and have cool greenish patterns on them. i thought it was fitting that i carve a wolf on my pumpkin. (also fitting that it was a full moon and i was wearing my wolf wildlife tee.) andrew debated for a good while about what to carve and ended up staying pretty classic anj. jessica and dallin carved an adorable bat and moon combo. i thought they all looked great!
we're a great group!

3. listen to styx
while carving pumpkins
i'm not quite sure when this became a bodine family tradition, but it definitely is. we always rock out to these glorious tunes while scooping out that slimy goop from the inside of our pumpkins. it doesn't get better than that, right?

4. dress up
 the hit this year was definitely dressing up as napoleon and deb. it was one of those last-minute-run-to-d.i. costumes, but it turned out SO GOOD. who knew we were so much like this classic couple. we will probably rock this costume for years to come.
i also dressed up as a devil for my study of the "fantastique" french class. and as a 50's pink lady for halloween night. hooray for wearing my gunther's shirt. 

 5. make and eat halloween treats
you have to make up for not getting pillow-cases full of candy trick-or-treating, right? i made oreo truffles into spooky eyeballs for a class halloween party. they turned out great! on halloween night anj and i stopped at a halloween party and had fresh doughnuts and apple cider, yum! the next day i experimented with roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time and they worked. i made a salty batch and a cinnamon sugar batch. all three were definitely quality halloween treats.

as you can see, we had a great halloween week. those 5 things are definitely on my list for a perfect october month. what are some of your october must-dos?

p.s. we also hit up a corn maze on halloween night!
 some serious silly, spooky fun.

i love having anj to celebrate with, and i am truly looking forward to the next holiday and all the thanks that come with it. happy november!

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  1. though your devil costume was a little too beautiful to be believable...napoleon and deb rocked it. as soon as i saw the photo...i had a warm fuzzy feeling come over me. i love napoleon(and pedro and deb !) love you both

    if you haven't already...don't forget to vote :)