Tuesday, July 17, 2012

putting less useful talents to use.

if you know me, you know i have a pretty random talent that i like to call "free-hand cutting"

hand me a pencil and paper, there is no WAY i can draw it out, but for some reason when scissors are involved the image i see in my mind has a way of magically appearing. give me scissors and paper and i can cut out any shape, object, word, letter you can think of...

in everyday life, this "talent" is not all too useful, but it comes in handy for birthdays, parties, sign making etc. 

however, a while back i decided i would get a little crafty. i wanted to try my hand "cutting out" a picture, so i grabbed a bridal magazine and a pair of scissors and got to work. 

this is the picture i started with
and this is what i made, cutting out all the individual pieces out of different pictures in the bridal magazine. it turned out almost exactly how i wanted it to and i was pretty excited.
since my first one worked out so well i decided to make my mom one for her birthday. i took this picture..
and turned it into this...
i found it worked really well when i have a fun/large background item to work with, so i chose this picture for a little present for jenn's graduation
it was simple so i added a little bouquet outline around the edges to dress it up. 
i wanted to make one for my cousin's wedding and i knew i wanted to use this picture. i was nervous to do black and white but decided to try it.
i really like how it turned out!

welp, that's my crafty update as of late. they look a lot better in person but hopefully you get the idea. i'm thinking about offering to do it for other people... you send me a picture and i'll cut it out for you! so let me know what you think!


  1. Love this Mads! What a cute, personal gift idea. Love Love.

  2. Wow! That's a pretty sweet talent, I especially like the Eiffel tower! Very cool.

  3. Lol, when I read the title I was trying to imagine which talents could be the least useful -- massive art skills of the scissor variety were not among them! (actually, nothing was among them because I kept thinking of ways that random talents could be useful...) Looks like you're having fun in CO! Hope your summer stays fun :)

  4. Gosh, I LOVE it! Classy frame and that is etsy material!


  6. oh my heck! love it. you are so talented!

  7. This is awesome! You are so creative! I love it. I need something like this in my "picture-less" house. :)

  8. WOOOOOWWWWWEEEEE...I tell you mads, you are a gifted artist and have an eye for things. these are amazing and so reflect the original picture. I am going to send you two photos...you pick...send your price and i'll be your first customer. love you so much. so fun to see you. so awesome to see an original work of art. along with juju, maddie"moiselle" i am thinking a quaint little bakery shop with your most recent nummy bread, adorable cupcakes, with your art for sale and on display and you moving about in anadorable girly girl apron with bright red lipstick. i am so good about planning out your life and dreams for your talents lol. it would have been nice if you had saved a few of your talents for me...:)aunt becca

  9. Love them Mads! I think I may have to order one too. I will keep an eye out for a good pic! Can't wait for Liz and Jordan to see theirs. :)