Sunday, May 15, 2011

the ritz life.

after a wonderful week in utah, i got to come back home to take care of the sibs while the parents ventured off on a weekend getaway to celebrate my grandparents' 50 years of wedded bliss. after i played mom on friday and made lunches, cleaned the house, and hung out by myself while the kiddies were at school, we got to head up to half moon bay and stay in an extra room at the ritz-carlton. no big deal. it was a beautiful weekend and i love having time to just hang out with my siblings. i love them all. we had a blast and we took the ritz by storm.

sunset on our way to play tennis
bagpipes were playing in the distance.
realll tasty sandwiches
i think we all got food on our face.
orange and yellow. love.
we headed to the beach for a little tide pool exploration
and we found some pretty cool things
well hey there anemone!
i love my brothers.
oops. crashed the parent party long enough to catch this candid.
madzy and mike-n-ike
couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day at home
i love the ocean
it was all around a ritzy-glitzy weekend.
and after our beach adventure we had some of the most delicious italian food.
real life is good.

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  1. Ok Maddie, I just came across your blog the other day. You are so cute and such a great writer! I always love having new people to creep on haha!