Saturday, May 28, 2011

my mom blows cool over the edge

happy birthday mom

beautiful charming and one of a kind
nobody else has a mother like mine.
one of the hardest workers i know
and she isn't making any dough.
she wears really cute clothes and her style rocks
from pretty sweaters and dresses down to wildlife socks.
she gives great advice and she knows how to laugh
especially when she trips or pulls some social gaffe.
she has love for reading and all childrens' books
of which there are many in all our home's nooks. 
she loves disneyland, dole whips, and of course, fantasmic
give her a mickey sorcerer hat and she'll do things quite drastic!
a better cookie baker i never have met
her's are the best, i'd be willing to bet.
she's a solid bowler and can ski like none other
when she cuts that wake i'm always proud of my mother.
she likes the sunshine and hates throwing things away
she can dance, she can teach, she's always willing to play.
my favorite memories, the very best of times
are moments spent with that special mother of mine.
today is her day, so i want her to be sure
that i think she's the best, and i truly love her!

happy birthday momma! 
i sure do love you.

gotta throw in one from the good old days.
you know, just lovin' the playmill
 wildlifin' it
my mother is adorable.
 our annual hike of the Y
just hanging with minnie in the happiest place on earth
 we love new york
i hope to be just like you one day.
 you really are the best.
i love you!

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