Monday, May 9, 2011

concrete jungle where dreams are made

take it back to freshman year
february 2, 2009
4:15 AM
mindy and i recorded a video of ourselves making a goal to go to new york. we put new york at the top of our life list. we promised that one day we would go to new york together. we even wrote about it in my journal a few weeks later. and then we continued on with life.
fast forward to junior year, fall semester, 2010
sewing lecture 
mindy and i are sitting in class when our teacher announces the annual fashion and design spring field trip to NewYork. our sewing teacher literally says, 'bring your mom, bring your best friend, bring your best friend's mom.' we look at each other at the same time and KNOW that we have to get on that trip. as soon as we get out of class we call our moms. they are in.  we make the first payment. we're making dreams come true. 
i spend three months in france.
mindy is currently in south africa.
last week april 30 - may 5
we met in the middle, with our moms, in New York City. 
and we had the time of our lives.

pretty city.
 we loved liberty
 we even got sunshine!
our moms became best friends when they bonded by wearing tennis shoes to church.
 best friends reunited at last
 it wouldn't be a mindy maddie adventure without some jumping shots

 titanic special.
 loved speaking french with the people who took this one.
on top of the empire state
 serendip after wicked
 we love treats.
 dylan's candy bar
 don't worry, we had a run in with harry potter.
 so pumped about getting autographs from the little man himself.
 we might have screamed and or cried a little.
 double decker pb&j at a peanut butter sandwhich only restaurant? best day of my life.
 happy mother's day to newfound long lost best friends.
 and here's to not so newfound best friends too.
 central park was all sunshine and happiness
 we got the least sleep, and we had the best time.
from being serious vips, to seeing three broadway shoes, to getting conned at china town, to trying out all the best cafeteria food in the city, it was the new york adventure mind and i dreamed about freshman year.
 peanut butter sampler
 and one of the best parts of the trip?
two words: red velvet.
 new york,
i miss you already.
the year of checking things off life lists
and making dreams come true.

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