Monday, May 23, 2011

dress up.

i like to play dress up
i think it is quite fun
going crazy and all out
getting hair and make-up done
sometimes there is a reason
but lots of times there's none
the rules: take lots of pictures
yep, that's the only one.

yesterday was my friend emily's birthday. she hosted a fabulous dinner party and called for 'black tie' attire,  but really she just wanted us to be as formal as we felt comfortable. as i considered my options i remembered a certain ridiculous dress i thrifted in france, one that emily helped convince me to get. i decided it would be perfect and found a pair of ridiculous shoes to compliment the overall 80's prom look i was going for. i happen to live with a make-up artist, so michelle did my hair and make-up and i got all glammed up. i can't lie, i was pretty excited with how it all turned out. i really do love to play dress up, whether or not i have a reason. the party was great. the outfit was fab. and it just ended up being a perfect night ;)

 check that crimp.
 i love glittery high heels.
five inch platforms please?
the gorgeous birthday girl and i.
that's all.

1 comment:

  1. you own everything you put on. 80's and all I LOVE this dress. when you come to Logan we're having a photoshoot. that's it. be ready. P.S. how did I never know there was a wildlife facebook group??? I am joining asap.