Saturday, August 17, 2013

the year of the trick shot

we've been going to hebgen since 1996 and every year seems to have a theme.
we've done friendship bracelets, window art, hat looming, knitting, crocheting, music videos, road rallies, more friendship bracelets, shrinky-dinks (so cool), hair wraps and pretty much any other klutz book you can think of...

this year just happened to be
the year of the trick shot

it was one of our best "themes" yet! my brothers dave and mike and my cousin stephen spent the whole six weeks in montana coming up with and executing all kinds of awesome trick shots on a mini basketball hoop from stephen's childhood. dave used his go pro to capture all these sweet shots. 

almost every visitor that came our way got to participate, and dave complied all the shots (of all levels of difficulty) into an awesome video. i loved that he let everyone in our family participate! it turned out great. so, so great. and i think you'll like it quite a bit. 

so take a look, add your view, and share it if you love it like we do. 

pretty sweet right? 
dave did such an awesome job. 

of course a tradition that will continue every year... 
there's nothing better than hitting a beautiful glassy lake first thing in the morning
having the ski run of your dreams
dreamy, right?
 and maybe another
(go mama, go mama!)
 and maybe another
(mike has become quite the skier this year too!)
 and after the skiing is done, slowing the boat down for some nice, eassssy surfing.
sitting on the back in the sunshine watching everyone surf... 
it doesn't get much better!

whether you are surfing in sweats...
 or a speedo...
 surfing is sweet. and who can complain about being on a boat in the most beautiful place from nine to noon! (or longer)
 andrew kept getting better and better!
everybody surfs!
we might even have a few wakeboarders if we are lucky. 
(and this year we were especially lucky, the water was beautiful all day long)
and on the off-chance we aren't so lucky, tube wars are always a good second option.
they take the war part pretty seriously...

boating all day every day, and we just can't get enough.
 is it possible to complain about perfect water at seven?
 sunset ski? yes please.
 boating from sun up to sun down?  perfection.
 our week on the boat couldn't have been better.

we love you, boat, thanks for all the fun.


  1. Hey pretty girl! I miss you!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope you'll accept it! Check it out HERE! Thanks!!!

    Ariel @ Auteur Ariel

  2. Well we thought the boating on Hebgen photos were just terrific. This is the way I always see it since I am a non skier in these my latter days. For the record though I water skied on this Lake Hebgen ever so many years ago when Bishop Handly had the 31st Ward fathers and sons come to stay, eat and water ski. And that was when Howard and then Bryan and finally Richard and I went there for memorable outing.
    Now, same lake, but different participants. You all are so proficient on the water. I love to sit in the boat and watch each of you take your turn.
    Thanks for sharing this terrific blog Miss Mads in real life.
    Grandpa Hart