Thursday, August 8, 2013

burley, idaho

the past few weeks have finally felt like summer because i went on vacation!

the first trip we took was to burley, idaho for a family reunion with my mother-in-law's fam. i was a little apprehensive when i found out we would be sleeping in tents (which isn't something i have ever really done), but it was perfect. they rent out a beautiful campground right along the snake river with a big barn and plenty of working bathrooms and showers...

 it was more of a glamping* trip if you ask me, which is right up my alley.  
*glamorous caming

here are some of the highlights:

on our way up to idaho, we stopped at the point of the mountain so andrew could go paragliding!
i gave him a groupon for his birthday, and we were finally able to use it. it was so fun to watch him floating around in the air. wild.
 we arrived at the campground friday afternoon, and it was just beautiful!
 our tent before:
 our tent after:
 it was a super easy pop-up tent that required little to no effort to set up... perfect for a glamper such as myself. we also had an air mattress which apparently makes camping way better. 

just hanging in our tent...
 i'm happy to report that no animals attacked us and we slept quite well in our tent, and we woke up to a beautiful morning along the snake. 
i told you it was beautiful...
the days were filled with kayaking, boating, volleyball (so much volleyball), obstacle courses, talent shows, and lots of tubing down this crazy waterslide. some attempts were more successful than others.
 everyone had an opportunity to prepare a meal and we ate it outside along the river. there was plenty of story telling, crafting, catching up and getting to know more family!
my MIL Ruth grew up in burley, and grandpa adams was actually quite the influence on the little city. we got the full tour of the main street, the home where momma barrett grew up, and lots and lots of farmland. it was fun to learn about this little piece of family history and hear all kinds of stories and memories that came with driving up main street. 
we had to stop at this little gas station among the farmland for a treat. 
 my favorite part of the trip had to be the D.I. fashion show.  we stopped in town and tried to find the best outfits at the local thrift store... andrew and i decided to enter the couples 80s sportswear category. i think we did pretty well. 
 the talent show was full of laughs. 
i whipped out another D.I. find for my talent. 
family time is the best time. 
 and i survived sleeping in a tent. 
note: glamping does NOT mean that you have to look glamorous.

thanks for the fun, burley.

more summer vacation updates to come!

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  1. That looks like the coolest slide ever!! Who knew little 'ole Burley, Idaho could be so fun and cool? You totally rock at glamping.