Wednesday, August 28, 2013

i'm feeling twenty three

i don't know about you, but i love birthdays!
last year was an absolute blast..
here are some of my favorite memories from year 22:
each year just keeps getting better and better, and i'm excited to see what year 23 has in store. 
(cross your fingers for getting into med school and moving somewhere crazy!)
^this was my last day of being 22^

 the birthday started out with a glamorous breakfast, 
and of course a birthday morning ski.
we also celebrated a "gave-birthday" 
get it?
 and did lots of boarding with my boys.
my birthday wouldn't be the same without a theme....
this year happened to be a cooking themed party with silhouette decorations 
they come from my other blog that i haven't put together enough to make a big deal of, but it is fun.
i got some super some fun presents,
including a four leaf clover from guatemala!
mom never disappoints, and these cupcakes were delish!
 it's official. 23!
 after getting all glammed up, we headed into town.
i missed having my sis around, but i sure love these brothers of mine.
i love all these guys, and i wouldn't want to spend my day with anyone else!
after some tasty pizza and a stop at the candy store, it was show time.
 my birthday also wouldn't be the same without a trip to the playmill theatre.
this year marked birthday number 16 there!
 with the whole family in tow, you know you are in for a good time.
 of course i got to go up on stage for a birthday song...
and I loved seeing all my lovely playmill friends.
they put on a great show. 
and it was a great day.
one of my favorite gifts was this adorable mini polaroid camera i got from andrew.
 i love celebrating with my family, but i really love celebrating with my favorite guy.

he is my everything.

thanks to everyone who made my day special. 
i felt so loved! 


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Looks like you had a great time with your family. Good luck on the medical school thing!

  2. Though not in any photos we were so happy to be to this your 23rd birthday celebration. It was terrific. You are such a beautiful 23 year old young lady. We thought you should have been in the play that evening...we missed you there but loved seeing you on stage for the birthday celebration. And we have so enjoyed you and Andrew throughout your 2012 year. We love you so much. Good luck to Anj on med. school. Grandpa and Grandma Hart 9/01/2013