Saturday, June 8, 2013

ma famille

my sister is leaving on a mission on tuesday! it is crazy how fast time has flown by since she got her call in january. we were able to head to sunny CA for memorial day weekend to be with family and support jenn as she gave a final talk in church before she heads out.

i really wanted to capture all of the fun we have together as a family, so i took my camera in hopes of making a little video. it was last minute, but i love how it turned out. i'm so grateful for the closeness our family shares, and i sure love them all so much. i love that we always laugh together. i also love how anj fits right in! 

i want to share it. it's pretty silly, but hopefully you like it!

you can also watch it here: 

some other highlights from our trip:
(who am i kidding, every moment was a highlight!)

we started it off with a beautiful day at the oakland temple
i loved being able to be there to support jenn.
it was a beautiful experience, and the oakland temple will always be a favorite.
that night we headed to the farmers' market in downtown los altos for some fabulous fresh fruit samples and tasty crêpes! nutella + strawberries  = yum!
i also got to see an old friend, kelly, which was so fun.
the next day we decided to take a little beach trip. gotta love having matching shoes. 
hawaii sandals for all! (one of these things is not like the other...)
it was a perfect day on the coast: a little windy but plenty of warm sunshine.
we explored the tide pools of half moon bay and saw sea anemones galore, lots of urchins, and even some starfish. 
can you spot the urchins?
my favorite guy with his friend, mr. crab. 
love hanging out on the beach with these lovely ladies.
we crammed in tons of fun things in our quick trip, including a giants game!
they played the rockies, so anj was a little torn, but in the end the giants won with a walk-off, inside-the-park home run! you might not know what that is (i referred to it as a quadruple) but let me tell you, it was awesome. so. much. cheering.
(sue.. you could say he really got on his horse for the finish)
what is a baseball game with out all kinds of concessions? 
the first 20,000 folks to the stadium all got free hats. as you can see, we made it.
sister, sister!
go giants!
 sunday was another perfect, jam-packed day. jenn gave such a great talk as she described her decision to go on a mission and how she followed the prophet. it was so well put together, and she was so composed, mature, and eloquent. i loved that i could feel the love she already has for the honduranian people. the spirit was so strong!
later, jenn and i posed for lots of pictures and then broke out into an impromptu, rousing rendition of "sisters" from white christmas. it is really a shame it wasn't filmed. 

so glad that this family will be together forever! 
i'm also so glad that anj was able to come and be with us for the weekend. it was a much needed break after the MCAT!
we've taken lots of pictures together lately...
sunday was a seriously farewell fiesta! we got to say good bye to these two beautiful ladies too, one is headed to russia, the other to fiji.
memorial day was spent playing in the pool. colors, anyone?
we managed to get one more family shot.
three cheers for tripods, self timer, and accidental outfit coordination. 

i'm sure gonna miss this girl, but i am so impressed with how much she has grown up. i know she is ready to go and that she will be a great missionary. 

it was a perfect trip.
we just have too much fun!


  1. Love love love the video! favorite part was all of you doing a little jig across your front lawn :) Love you guys!

  2. Fun photos! And I really like all the outfits!