Friday, July 5, 2013


Anj took the MCAT a little over a month ago. 
 it was a long, hard test that took 4 months of studying over 40 hours a week. yikes!
we celebrated the test being over with a round or two of mini golf. 
 a few weeks later anj applied to med schools all across the country,
without knowing his MCAT score. (scary!)
 when the nights of editing and more editing were over and anj pressed the submit button, we celebrated quite joyously with some drinks at sonic. 

a month after the MCAT we FINALLY found out his score. it came in earlier in the day than we expected and when he got the email that it had be updated, we were both at work, and we both started freaking out! although we wanted to find out together, neither of us could focus on anything. he kept asking if he should open it, and when i finally said yes, a customer had just walked in! when he finished up with the customer and i had finished haphazardly training someone (i really could not focus), he called me!! i walked outside and just started crying because i was so anxious and nervous. a month of waiting is pretty killer. he opened up the email and all of the sudden he just started yelling and screaming!! it was the loudest, happiest scream of excitement i have ever heard, and that made me start bawling. i just knew he had gotten exactly what he wanted, a 34. when he had stopped screaming, he confirmed that he had indeed gotten a 34. his had work and hours of studying had paid off, and i know all the prayers and fasting and support from our entire family and our friends had played a big part. so a big thanks to all who thought about us during this crazy time of life, we truly appreciate your love. 

because we were SO PUMPED about his score, we bought tickets, on a whim, to the USA vs. Honduras World Cup qualifier game at Rio Tinto. they were pricey, but so worth it, and it just happened to be national splurge day!
 we both got off work early and headed straight for the game. 
they were doing free facepaint, so of course, we got some! i had to get some honduras face paint in honor of jenn, who will be headed to honduras in three short weeks! WOAH!
 the atmosphere at the game was awesome, but seeing how excited anj was to be there was even better. 
he went allll out for the occasion.
 they also gave everyone free world cup soccer scarves at the door which was pretty exciting. 
did i tell you the atmosphere there was just downright crazy?!?
so much USA pride!
and a surprising amount of honduras pride too. 
 it was so, so, so much fun to see the stadium completely decked out in red, white and blue.
 and i loved cheering on the team with this guy.
i am so proud of him.
we feel so loved and so blessed.
it was a crazy month of waiting, but in the end, it was all worth it. 
we definitely celebrated. 

oh, and USA won.

p.s. i LOVE the fourth of july. i LOVE America! did you have a great independence day?


  1. Hey Lady,

    So, I may or may not have cried a little bit when I read this. You're such a great wife and writer! Love ya :)

  2. Congratulations! You are in for a fun ride. I'm excited to see where you go!

  3. That game looks like so much fun!! Cute blog!
    New follower here !
    xo Kim