Monday, May 13, 2013


My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

- George Washington

      Our first president was definitely on to something. I'm so grateful for a mother who is beautiful, caring, smart, silly, fun, strong, creative, talented, and always up for an adventure. My mom has been the most amazing example to me, especially in her love for the Savior and for her family. I love that as I have grown I have seen my mother grow with me: we have grown to be the very best of friends. And as I have grown, I have seen that I have become more and more like her, and I am definitely okay with that! All I am, and all I ever hope to be, I owe to my dear mother. She has taught me more than anyone else: she has taught me to love love and to love life. I will always be so grateful for her love and her support and her ability to be herself. I'm so grateful for my mom. 

So even though I am a day late, Happy Mother's Day Mom. You deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. Thanks for being the best mom I could ever ask for and for just being so much fun! Thanks for helping me to get where I am and for helping me become who I am. We have shared so many lovely, hilarious, and happy memories, and I look forward to many, many more good times ahead! I love you so much!

Love always,

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  1. Just found your blog & I love the design you have! The colors work so great together. :)