Thursday, May 2, 2013


high school graduation, june 2008.

68 classes
14 dance classes
53 As
175 credit hours
9 semesters
1 in France
1 engaged
1 married
5 apartments 
1 old house covered in vines
11 roommates
6 wards
4 years
4 crazy summers
1 husband
so many friends
hundreds of great memories
and over 50,000 pictures
(that is not an exaggeration. really.)

last thursday and friday, my BYU legacy officially came to a close.

i graduated in december with a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and a minor in Family Life, so i still managed to be part of the class of 2012. (however, BYU does not have a graduation ceremony in december, so i have been in the limbo of unofficial graduated life for several months...)

my last class at byu was volleyball.

it is so nice to finally put college in the done pile.

like this nice...

or this nice...

but mostly this nice...
i decided to walk in the spring commencement and convocation ceremonies, and i am so glad i did.
it was the perfect closure for my wonderful adventures here at brigham young university. 

there i am. 
2008 and 2013. 
have i changed at all? or am i just less tan...

ready for some sappiness and gratitude?

i sure couldn't have done it without the support and love of these guys!

and i really, really missed this guy,
who had to support from a-far as he was in the high school play back home!
doesn't he look handsome as fredrich?
 i'm also so grateful for the support of my in-laws. they are great!
 my parents are so awesome, and the harts have always been a second set of parents to me. 
they too have been a wonderful support throughout my journey at byu. 
 i simply wouldn't have wanted to do it all with out this kid.

i'm so grateful for my grandparents. they are truly some of my best friends.

i'm grateful that they were able to make it and see their first college graduate grandkids.
i love these two and i am glad that we could finish our journeys together.
mal and daniel, i wish you the best in pennsylvania!

we did it!
i could write a whole post about my mom.
she is the best. there is no other way to say it.
dave is tall. i'm glad he is my bud.

i'm beyond glad i got to spend a semester at college with my fave sister j. 
she is such a great example to me!
and though i missed having this college grad around, i know she was there to support me in spirit!
 hallie and i didn't get quite make the festivities last april,

so we did it this year!

commencement was great. 
we took a lot of photos (as seen above), 
and then i rang this bell.

and rode the cougar.
and posed by this sign.
we then had a delicious celebratory dinner at communal, yum!
and prepared for another round of graduation the next morning.

convocation was also great.
i shook the hand of this guy that i don't really know.
they pronounced my name right. 
 and i got this sweet diploma cover with a fake diploma in it.

i still love this guy.
 and i'm grateful that this grandma could also make it to see her first college graduate grandkid!
and that we could document the kid that kept rolling down the hill with a sweatshirt over his head whom we periodically had to jump over and avoid whilst taking pictures. see him?
 p.s. i really liked my graduation dress and neon shoes.
the shoes helped my family spot me amidst the rest of the graduates. useful.
graduation weekend was a blast.

there are so many people who supported me along the way, 
and so many friends were made.
i'd like to thank all of you who had any role in this college journey of mine, 
be it large or small.

because thanks to you...

i did it.


  1. Congrats Mads! :) I cannot wait till I can blog about my college graduation in another year haha. You're adorable!

  2. Congratulations Mads! So proud of you :)

  3. Congrats Maddie! You're so awesome. Sure do love you! I hope there are still many more adventures to come.