Tuesday, April 23, 2013

one year.

we've been married one year!!!!!!

i've said it a million times, but i can't believe how fast the year has flown by. it seems like just yesterday we were sealed for time and all eternity in the salt lake temple. that truly was the happiest day of my life, and it's been the happiest year too! i love anj so much and i am so lucky to have him.

because we decided to snag my sister's birthday for our wedding day, and because our anniversary fell on a sunday.. we had our big celebration on saturday. 

the day started off great when anj purchased two perfect chairs at a garage sale...
 and surprised me with a most beautiful bouquet. 
 right before anj got home from volunteering at the hospital, he texted me to get a bag together "in case we stay somewhere tonight" !!! i was in for a night of surprises.
the man did good!

after tricking me about 7 times, we finally reached our destination: park city.
last year on our wedding day we went to park city for dinner, and another table in the restaurant overheard that we had been married that day. we later found out that they paid for our meal! they left before we could even say thank you, and it was truly a tender moment that i will never forget. that great act of kindness made me so grateful and made me feel like we really were doing something right. 

anj surprised me by taking me to dinner at this very same restaurant, buona vita, and it was just perfect. 
i had gnocci, and anj and pizza, and it was G-O-O-D!
last year and this year: two desserts on the house!
(and holy cow, the crème brûlée was the best thing i have ever tasted.) 
i talked about it all weekend!
 to continue with our tradtion, anj took me to the outlets to do a little shopping. 
(we went to the outlets to buy each other wedding presents last year)
i ended up with a sweet new pair of nike running shoes! 
 i got anj these really great socks. who doesn't want to sport jazz legends on their feet?
 when we arrived at our "luxurious suite" we discovered a kitchen, a dining table, a fire place...
and this really awesome bed. it added some humor to our park city getaway.
there was some really nice polar bear decor too.
wildlife forever.

the next morning we went for a scenic drive, and when we got home anj made us some scrumptious omelets. 

 on our scenic drive we stopped at our favorite bridge up in midway and took some sweet pics.
church was great. anj wore his whole wedding ensemble, and though i was tempted to wear my wedding dress (it is still hanging in my closet), i decided to go with just the wedding shoes.
 after church we had a parrr-tayy for miss j's nineteenth birthday.
 i was trying to go for a honduras theme... it worked out pretty well. 
anj was the master decorator and even took on the responsibility of the birthday chair!
 i love this sister of mine so much. it was great to have her and her besties over for dinner and angel food cake and birthday songs and fun.
she has grown up so much the past year!
 we enjoyed testing out our new chairs. 
 it was an overall great way to celebrate april twenty-first.
 we ended the night with some law and order and a few rounds of skipbo. i won, of course. 
how else would you end your anniversary weekend party extravaganza?

and in case you haven't seen enough pictures, 
here's a little throwback to our honeymoon adventures in mexico.

wishing we were back here right about now!

well folks, it's been a year. one whole year. i can't wait to see what the next has to offer!
here's to many, many more.

happy anniversary anj!
(he's the very best!)


  1. It's crazy, when you get married time goes so much faster.. then add kids-the fastest! Cute chairs! Love your curtains too!

  2. AH so fun. Christian and I are right behind you guys, we're only 3 days away from our 1 year... it's PSYCHO how fast it's gone. You guys are the cutest!

  3. Aw congrats! What a sweet post :)

  4. Hey Mad, I'm a photography student @ AIC and saw your pic of when you were a waitress @ Gunther Toody's. If you still have the outfit or something similar would you want to come into the studio @ AIC this Wed. at 1pm. for a photo shoot?