Wednesday, February 20, 2013


i am blogging today in honor of my two beautiful grandmas who both have february birthdays.

they have taught me so many things, from how to set the table and have proper etiquette to all kinds of gardening tricks and how to build up food storage. they are both two classy ladies who shower all of their children and grandchildren with much appreciated love. 

i am so lucky to have had access to my sweet grandma hart's closet,
and she let me pick out of few things of hers to keep. (they fit perfectly!) i absolutely had to break out this 
amazing bubblegum pink suit 
for valentine's day and in honor of her birthday. i absolutely loved telling everyone that my suit was worn by my very own grandma. that's true vintage! it is so fun to have some of my grandma's things, and this suit is truly special. i felt so honored to wear something that my grandma wore and loved. 

my grandma hart wore this classy suit to President Nixon's first inaguration. woah!
here i am wearing this very same suit forty three years later.
 i decided to go all out and did my hair in a little victory roll.
it might have been a little much, but i rocked it with pride. 
my grandma hart always looks put together from top to bottom, so i had to follow suit!
 it is amazing how beautifully this suit has lasted. 
clothes were just made better back then.
like i said, i loved having a little piece of my grandma with me. 

 thank you grandma! i sure love you.
and happy, happy birthday.

 aren't grandmas the best?

it seems i have a thing for pink grandma outfits..
 (this one belongs to grandma hawes)


  1. So cute. Seriously love the fur collar!!

  2. AHHHH! That is so, so awesome! That suit is fabulous (and so is your hair). I have a few items that were owned by Grandma, too, and it's such a great feeling, right??

    More Modern Modesty

  3. You rock PINK Mrs. Barrett. Always love your posts, helps to keep up on your fun filled life

  4. oh, all these pictures make me happy in different ways! that hair, that suit, those group shots....oh my! such a fun blog.

    -britt (

  5. Hi Madeline! Following you from Jessica @NC Grown page since she linked up with my 'I love our sponsors' link up ( I can't wait to get to know you better!