Friday, February 15, 2013

let's talk about love

i love valentine's day because i love love.
it is fun to dedicate one day of the year to all things lovey, dovey, mushy and gushy,

and our february 14, 2013 didn't disappoint. 

fancy dinner, pretty flowers, matchy outfits, so many desserts!
it really was perfect. but it was most perfect because i have the most perfect guy to share it with.

he really is perfect for me: 
 thoughtful, easy going, optimistic, sweet, adorable, appreciative and so much fun. 

exhibit A: thoughtful

anj knows i love a caprese salad. in fact, he knows it is my favorite. so he checked the reveiws of all the italian places in town and made sure to find one that had my fave dish. not only did they have it, they made it heart shaped for valentine's day.

exhibit B: optimistic

we get to the restaurant, like every other restaurant in provo on the fourteenth, and found a line out the door and an hour and a half wait. did that get anj down? nope! we'd wait it out because we knew it would be worth it. and we have scramble with friends on our smart phones.

exhibit C: easy going

when the hostess came back asking for three couples to sit with each other at a round table for six, anj was willing and quick to jump on it, and i was definitely on board! sitting with randoms meant skipping the wait, and we were all about that. it also made for a fun, funny, memorable date. how many people can say that had a valentine's dinner with four other random strangers? (and enjoyed it!)

exhibit D: sweet 

right after i wondered why anj was taking the long way home and waiting at a red light (unusual), he turned and pulled right up to the cocoa bean. two cupcakes to go please? this guy knows the way to my heart! 

exhibit E: adorable

he instagrammed the "cute" things i did for him throughout the day. he appreciates the "cute" things i do for him. he even calls them "cute!" he really knows the way to my heart. 

exhibit F: appreciative

anj was all about continuing the love with a candlelit dinner tonight. i made meatballs, spaghetti and garlic bread in the shape of the heart. i love that anj always compliments my cooking. he even gave me a round of applause. even though it was a simple meal, sharing it with him made it romantic.

if all that isn't love, i don't know what is! but, i must say one of my favorite things about us is that we have so much fun. every minute i am with anj i am having fun, no matter what we are doing. whether eating out or dining in, waiting an hour for dinner or dining with random couples on valentine's day.. life with anj is fun. 

love is fun.

i really couldn't ask for anything more.
happy love day to you all. 

p.s. i've had this quote about love in my wallet since my mom gave it to me for valentine's in 2006, and it is one of my favorites. i'd like to share it with you,

"Love is very patient, very kind. Love knows no jealousy; Love makes no parade, gives itself no airs, is never rude, never selfish, never irritated, never resentful; Love is never glad when others go wrong; Love is gladdened by goodness, always slow to expose, always eager to believe the best, always hopeful, always patient. Love never disappears." 
- 1 Corinthians 13, James Moffat translation


  1. Your valentines day was perfect!!!! I just love love too!!! I think valentines day needs to happen more often!! Super cute pics of you and anj girly!!!!