Thursday, March 7, 2013

treats for days

i love to bake. it makes sense, considering my mom probably makes cookies about once a day.
(and they really are the best!) so i was destined to love baking, right?

the bad thing about loving baking - when there are only two people to eat the treats, you end up eating way too many.

oh well, when they are good, they are good. 

and speaking of good, have you had tres leches before?
it's this cake that's drenched in sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream, and it's one of andrew's favorite desserts.

i saw a recipe for this tasty treats on one of my favorite recipe sites, our best bites
and i knew it would be a good one. 

the link to the recipe to tres leche-fy the cake can be found here.

it calls for whipped cream on the top, but because i am not quite yet the expert baker that is my mom... something always has to go a little bit wrong.

for this recipe i happened to let the whip cream beat in that kitchen aid just a little too long, and i turned it into butter. kind of cool. honestly, they didn't even need anything on top, they are that good.
(i think the topping is mostly to hide all the holes you make to add the deliciousness)

for the cupcakes i used their recipe for half homemade cake here

best white cake i have EVER had. pretty sure i ate three cupcakes plain, straight out of the oven.
you can probably use any cupcake recipe you like, but this one is definitely worthwhile... 

anj likes his super-soaked (it really is better that way) so poke some holes, put the milk mixture into something you can easily control and pour, and drench 'em good. let it soak all in, then maybe even add some more holes and pour more tres leches juice in the holes again. you can even open the sides a little bit and pour some down there so it is good and soaked. 

foil cupcake liners are definitely a must and drips are inevitable. 

so if you are a lover of anything good. you should make these. right now. 

good luck!

p.s. have you heard of the app imadeface? it brings hours of enjoyment. 

these are some of our versions we made of ourselves. too fun.
so now you should go make those cupcakes and play with this app while they bake. enjoy!


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