Thursday, November 8, 2012

sweet sixteen

 dear dave,

happy sixteenth birthday.

i truly do remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, probably cause jenn and i got dropped off at the trammell's for a sleepover and a party. i was so excited to finally have a brother. 
 we always took good care of you. we had a live baby doll we could dress up, stroll around, and use in our dances. we made sure you always looked good.
 and you just beat up on us from the beginning...
 just kidding. you were always great, and when we added brother number two you always looked out for him.
i can't believe you are sixteen years old. you can officially drive (CONGRATS!). you are almost seven feet tall by now! okay, probably not but it seems like every time i see you, you have grown. you've matured from my chubby little bro to a seriously handsome, smart, and athletic young man. i'm so proud of all your hard work, you eagle scout, you! i really can't believe it has been sixteen years since that sleepover at the trammell's and i can't even imagine what the next sixteen will bring.. you will do great things because you are one great guy. and i'm definitely not biased, right? thanks for being nice to everyone and always making us laugh. well, i hope you know we love you and hope you have had a fabulous birthday.

happy sixteenth!

p.s. happy sixteenth to this brother too! although i haven't seen you grow since day one, i have seen your hair grow for the past couple years and it has been pretty impressive... here's to many noogies to come. sure love you!

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