Wednesday, February 15, 2012


i'm marrying a man who prefers to claim himself as "not very romantic"...
sure, he isn't the most romantic, mushy, gushy, sentimental guy i know, but he definitely outdoes himself sometimes.

it all started on february 13th, the day before valentine's day, when i came home to find a rose and a short and sweet little note on my bed. totally unexpected and totally made my day.

then yesterday was valentine's day.
i love valentine's day, because i love LOVE! 
i don't think i have ever had a lament-ful v-day in the history, but i must admit yesterday was the best yet.
(maybe because i'm feeling extra love these days)

i knew we were going to dinner that night, but due to the flowers on my bed the day before, i wasn't expecting too much else... after going to class from 9:30-4:00 and feeling some serious stress about getting a paper printed out in time, i came home ready to crash on my bed.

but not much bed crashing happens when you find this instead:
 think  more along the lines of jumping and giddiness... 
(the opposite of bed crashing)

then i noticed this note that says go check the mailbox, and couldn't seem to find my mail key ANYWHERE.
 finally i borrowed one from the roommate and went outside to find....
 a love letter and I heart U peeps? doesn't get much better than that.!

on the back of the 'envelope' i was counseled to look under my bed.... tricky tricky, he hid something right below the original message.
and what was so sneakily hid under my bed? a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

 gerber daisies (my favorites) to be exact. in all my favorite colors too! he did good. 
then we dressed up and went to a fancy shmance, tasty taste dinner at texas roadhouse
(another great surprise)
 eight rolls and two very full stomachs later, we went to trafalga and played a valentine's speed round of mini golf. i dominated.
(okay not really but i did win)

overall it was an absolutely successful valentine's day, 
love was definitely in the air,
and i couldn't have asked for a better valentine!

p.s. does it look like valentine's around here or what?
so much love! including tasty annual heart cookies in valentine tupperware from mom, the best!

hope you all had lovely ways of celebrating love day!

p.p.s. the title is valentimes on purpose, because for some reason it is extra fun to say that way...

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