Saturday, January 28, 2012


these days,
due to the fact that mindy and i have finally matched up our schedules and avoided school on friday,
all weekends are three day weekends, and almost always seem like holidays.

it's hard to get out of bed.
it's hard to try and get ahead on homework.
it's hard to not have lazy days all day.

lazy days are especially enjoyable when there is an actual holiday...
because that means a four day weekend.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
(i know it was so long ago)
was an extra special treat. we, mindy and i, headed on down to saint george with andrew's adorable family for his (not so) little brother's soccer tournament. it was warm. it was lazy. and it was great.

 gotta love hanging with the future fam
 so bright!
 st george = red rocks
steven barrett = mullet 
 stu baby and mindroid
 more sibling love
 football on rocks action shots.
small hand, large football. 
 jumping shot neat attempt one
 jumping shot neat attempt two
 jumping shot success
 we're in love or something
 fulfilling anj's dreams of being really tall.
not as great as i think he thinks it would be
 still in love.
 what would red rock be without a little rock scratch message.
check those curly locks
 more messages. best friends forever.
 might as well get some artistic ring shots, right?
 jumping success one mountain away.
 even more jumping success.
 bffs. loved spending the weekend with the Barrett fam and my best friend mind.

here's to holidays every weekend. 


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