Monday, February 27, 2012

our love will stand the test of time... and weather?

i've thought about taking engagement pictures for quite a while.
i've critiqued many a picture sent along with an announcement.
i've known what i like and what i don't for a long time.

and all of the sudden it was finally time to take my own.

somehow i managed to get lucky: the photographer of my dreams (who is unfortunately based in orange county) was going to be in park city for a weekend getaway to the sundance film festival. we planned to meet him up there on a saturday afternoon and have a little engagement shoot. i was so excited.

anj was hoping for some a little bit of snow in our pictures. i figured it would be a nice trade off as long as we get sunny spring time skies for our april wedding (keep your fingers crossed) and said a prayer or two for snow.

let me tell you, we got snow.
so much snow, in fact, our car couldn't even make it up to where we were supposed to meet the photographer.
so much snow, in fact, my perfectly coiffed hair was completely drenched by picture #7.
so much snow, in fact, we had to take periodical breaks to warm up our red noses in the car.

it was cold, it was wet, it was definitely snowy, and i was a bit nervous about how our pictures would turn out.

thanks to a fabulous photographer, however, they turned out better than i could have ever dreamed of. and i'd like to share a few of these snowy delights with you. enjoy.

check out sloan photography. they are the best.

 can you tell it was a little bit snowy?

just the right amount of artsy.
just the right amount of candid.
just the right amount of snow.
just the right amount of love.
just exactly what i wanted.
i love these pictures,
and i love andrew barrett.

can't you tell?


  1. way cute! They turned out great!!

  2. totally picking up that vibe ;)

  3. I love them, Mads! So darling. So happy for you.

  4. I love the snow, very wise choice. The fact that you are brilliantly photogenic only enhances these pictures even more. So happy there was no piggy-bag riding. The thing I like most about them is the editing, it looks so natural and convincing. Some of the best pictures I've seen, so authentic.

  5. maddie, so so so so dang cute. i LOVE all your pictures-especially the second to last one!