Thursday, February 20, 2014

love and hearts

quick throw back:

on Valentine's Day five years ago, i was in Washington visiting Mindy's hometown the first of many times. i was a little bummed to be away from my valentine, but i still got a bouquet of flowers and a very freshman-year-andrew-like "love note"


 transcription: "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
I hope you are having fun in Washington without me, but if you get bored, there is a sudoku on the back. See you in a couple days.

despite the less-than-lovey-dovey note, i was still pretty pumped.
reunited at last... during visiting hours of course.

fast forward:

anj has definitely learned. his notes have gotten lovey-dovier, and we've spent the last three Valentine's Days in the same state. last year we ate dinner with two other random couples to beat the line, so it was nice to be at our own table this year. 

we started the celebrations with a quality ward party. i love photobooths. and andrew.
and lunges.
 also have you ever gotten pizza in the mail before? no? me neither. until the day before Valentine's Day! my sweet grandma sent us some deep dish pizza, from CHICAGO, in the mail!!!!!!!
it was delish!
 i got some super fun valentines at work, including a one direction card and this soda from stacy:
clever, right?
 i wore these socks because, why not? 
 anj surprised me with an absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers. 
 this perfect, delectable cookie came as no surprise because Valentine's Day is not complete without a cookie mailed fresh from momma bodine. (who knew so many good things could arrive in the mail?)
 although my v-day date outfit was a little subtle, anj went all out with an adorable pink shirt and tie.
for dinner, we joined all the cowboys in provo at outback steakhouse. the wait was long, but the service was good, the steak was great, and the company was even better, so it was way worth it.
we exhanged valentines (anj wrote me a POEM!) and said lots of lovey-dovey, nice things about each other.
does it get any better than that?

i hope you all felt loved in some way on love day. 
it has to be one of my favorites because i love love! 
and i love my love. xoxo.


  1. that love note at the beg. of the post is so funny! glad he got a little better at those ;) looks like you had a great valentines! your outfit is killer! :D

  2. YAYY! You finally posted!!! clap clap clap

  3. Oh freshman year romance! I love it! You guys are so dang cute.