Tuesday, January 21, 2014

i really only blog about disneyland

i love disneyland.
(and this guy)

it's a little scary. for example, at least 5 different people told me i was just going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Saving Mr. Banks" and that i would just BAWL the whole time. the only time i actually shed tears was when the camera panned into disneyland. 

i cried because they were showing disneyland. really.

anyway. what more could a disney-loving person such as myself want than going to the place i love most with the person i love most? considering he hadn't been since about 5th grade, it was about time anj and i made our way to the happiest place on earth. 

we actually managed to keep it a secret (despite a certain someone almost spoiling it the day before) until 5 AM when i jumped on a sound asleep andrew and yelled "WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!" he was just as excited as i wanted him to be, a.k.a. REALLY EXCITED.

despite having lost my license they let me on the plane, a christmas miracle, and we headed to LA.

it's 5 am. woohoo. 
after hitting soaring over california (love that orangey scent), we booked it to midway mania to beat the lines.
 we decided to let anj take on mom because she always wins and he might have some beginner's luck.
she still won.
 we were super pumped to see our pic for this ride... unfortunately someone decided to place her hands directly over our faces. drats! dave still looks good, along with those ladies in the front.
 the ride in cars land had a 2 hour wait so we skipped it. ain't nobody got time for that.
(except for the 5+ billion people in the line)
 how could you not love being in disneyland with this guy!?!
 and all these guys too?
"we're smooching right down the middle of main street u.s.a."
 to keep the tradition alive we decided to match again for this disney excursion.
 andrew had to experience disneyland in true bodine style, so of course that meant lots of TREATS.
he thought he was only going to want one mickey beignet, ha! 
and the cotton candy. THE COTTON CANDY.
(don't worry we all shared one)
continuing in true bodine fashion, you have to have a close up in line for the matterhorn. for some reason it makes everyone look really photogenic. also anj is just cute.
it can make you look good even if you recently had a gum graft and might look a titch swollen!
also, we got to meet up with my aunt sue and all her cute kiddos. 
so fun to see people you know in d-land.
thanks for letting me borrow your ears, jazelle!
matterhorn bobsleds just got a little bumpier.
ho, ho, ho! merry christmas! if this is our christmas card picture next year, don't judge.
lucky for us, sue gave us all 9 of their fast passes which meant we ruled the park! even though it was a super crowded day, we hit all the important rides and beat the crowds.
more people i know?!!? running into the zylstras was also a treat!
don't ask.
you can ask about this one. everyone was supposed to be doing the whole butterfly thing but anj "wanted to look around and see what was happening" a.k.a. got really scared. the best was when we came off the ride to check out our pic, a bunch of kids were just laughing and pointing at andrew's face. YES.
of course we made time to see the world of color christmas edition show. it was just so nice to be snuggling up with my honey, singing along to disney-fied christmas songs, and partaking in all the disney magic. i loved it.
post w.o.c. we booked it back over to disneyland for a few more rides and finished the night off with it's a small world. 
it was a perfect magical last ride.
i think you could say the day was a success. 
anj finally got the disney experience of a lifetime, 
and i finally got my dream kiss with my very own prince on the castle bridge. 



  1. So, really? Please tell me you enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks.... cause it was brilliant in my eyes. <3

  2. I wish my husband would've taken better pictures with me. I love all of your smoochy, kissy, goo ga--ee? ones. Love you guys and it WAS the bestest when we saw eachotha!

  3. i love disneyland. especially bodine style. so glad you two made it!!!! so many great pics! although i am slightly disappointed there are no pickle shots, haha!

  4. Ahhhhh!! Disneyland :'D!!! Gahh I don't blame you for taking so many pictures and blogging about the wonderfully lovely place that is Disneyland as many times as possible! Psshh it hasn't even been 2 years since I last went and I could easily go like, TOMORROW.
    Looks like you guys had an awesome time!!

    Cachoo Joo

    PS Those ride pictures are, amazing!

  5. Just you know looking through some old posts you wrote and thought I would let you know that I truly hope you are still considering the sleigh picture for your Christmas Card ;)