Tuesday, June 14, 2011

living the dream

back when i was 14 years old i went to efy
i had a counselor named kate
i thought she was easily the coolest person i knew,
and at the end of the week i knew one day i would be a counselor too.

fast forward to college 2008.
i did playmill for two years so i wasn't sure if i'd have the chance to do efy
fast forward to winter of 2010.
somehow things seemed to just fall into place and guess what
here i am.

my first week of efy.
i've had one and a half glorious days.
i take care of twelve beautiful girls.
i have a wild company of 40 kids.
i am being that person that six years ago i was looking up to,
and i love it.

i love efy.
it changes lives.

how official am i?

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