Saturday, June 25, 2011

i feel my savior's love

if you want to know how my week went,
this might give you a pretty good idea.
and this will give you an even better idea.
 yes. yes my week was crazy.
 i had a fabulous group of girls, and a crazy group of boys.
and let me tell you, i had a week of miracles.

 winning the cheer competition was just one of them.

 i've never felt so much love in one week.
or laughed so hard.
 josh and i loved our kids. 
they are ours.
and we will always look back on this week so fondly.
 and even though they were out of control
 and spent the whole week trying to get josh and i to fall in love
 there was just something so special about this group
 and though i am completely exhausted
 i had great kids this week.

i truly felt my savior's love for them this week.
and for me too.
it really is in all the world around me.
higher then the earth.
logan 02
efy 2011.

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  1. EFY! ..we here in the Panama city had our first session of SOY (Strength of Youth). I had the opportunity to be a counselor too, and was a wonderful experience. And our children also tried to get my partner and I fall in love in that week, it was so funny. I could strengthen my testimony and the testimony of our kids and there were so many miracles ♥ EFY and SOY can change many lifes!