Thursday, April 21, 2011

a picture overload, for a very good cause

It’s hard to believe that seventeen years ago
My whole life changed, for the better, you know.
An only child for four years, who did as she pleased
Suddenly had a sister to hold and to squeeze.
The two grew together, had good times and bad
One time jenn bit me hard, and that made me quite mad.
It’s alright though, I tortured her all her early days
By making her sing songs and be in all my plays.
So we grew up together, matched more often than not
Some of our outfits were stellar, some weren’t so hot.
We had good hair days and bad, we took care of each other
Eventually we welcomed in two more little brothers.
We played barbies, we danced, we travelled the world,
We shared a room for years, us two girly girls.
The four years between us couldn’t keep us from being
The two best of friends with glow stars on our ceiling.
Through every photoshoot, you have stood by my side
When I’m around you I have nothing to hide!
So many adventures the two of us have had,
From setting up shop in our bathroom to disco skating so rad.
It seems like just yesterday the shooting star club
Got together and voted, causing serious hubbub!
Many years have passed, the older we’ve grown
And a sweeter, better girl, I have never known.
For some reason I started calling you j,
And it stuck, you’ll be forever known that way.
Today my dear j, you turn the big seventeen
You’ve definitely grown up, if you know what I mean.
Four inches taller and gorgeous to boot,
With our matching haircuts, I’d say we’re pretty cute!
I must say I’m glad seventeen years ago to this day
You came into the world and decided to stay.
You’re my favorite sister, without a doubt
And on your special day here’s your special shout out.
Happy birthday to a girl that I find so, so dear
My best sister, best friend, for the rest of our years.
I love you beyond what words can begin to say,
but I think you get the picture, so happy birthday!
i took real good care of my j
 quality outfits
the more you match the better
 always artsy
 cabin fever
let's play dress up!
crazy girls
 more matchy match
 older and wiser
 we definitely went through an awkward phase
 it might have lasted a little longer than we would have liked..
 but we made the most of it
 and eventually grew out of it.
 too many good times
 too much sister love
you're the best j!
happy birthday

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