Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fast cars and freedom

tires on pavement
wind in my hair
radio blasting 
going anywhere
signal, stoplight
highway 85
i almost forgot
how much i love to just drive.

before today i hadn't driven since january 21st.
that is three months and six days of no driving.
i was a little nervous. what if i had forgotten? i asked mike if he trusted me. he did. then i took the plunge well folks, let me tell you, i didn't forget. but i did forget how much i love it. i love driving. especially when the sun is shining and the top is down. 

don't worry, mike took over the camera
he takes after me
 quality convertible hair flip

 groovin' to the radio
yes please
my partner in crime
 we went on a little downtown adventure. 
gotta love how classy los altos is, can't even call it the good will
 my favorite stop
 i think its summertime.

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