Thursday, June 2, 2016

bumpdate - 40 weeks

i am: 40 weeks - due date!!!

baby is: probably 7 pounds by now, and the size of a (small) watermelon

feeling: so excited and ready to have this baby come. anxious for him to arrive.

seeing: the clock at night. who knew these last few weeks would mean serious insomnia. also, baby stuff everywhere! we are all stocked up!

listening: beyonce's latest. birth affirmations and breathing techniques.

craving: fresh fruit and chocolate cake. i've been craving chocolate cake for weeks and i finally had to get some the other night (thanks to some leftover money on a cheesecake factory gift card, thanks spragues!). it was delicious.

reading:  the war that saved my life , between shades of gray, and the second sequel (third book? trilogy?) to ms. peregrine's home for peculiar children. all get my thumbs up.

wearing: i live in dresses, nightgowns, and mumus. loving the mumu. #mumus4life

lowlights: baby not being here already!!! having people comment on how "miserable" or "tired" i look, especially when i feel like i'm looking pretty good. pregnancy PSA: just tell pregnant ladies that they look great or beautiful or that you are excited for them—no matter what.

highlights: getting celebrated at my last day in the office, feeling baby's hiccups and stretches, having jenn in town with us for the summer!

jenn has been here with us in florida for a month now and it is just the best to have her around!
 i've been spending lots of time in the sunshine and at the pool.
 for cinco de mayo we went to this totally legit mexican place for tacos that andrew used to frequent on the mission. it was so tasty, and after we ate they were putting on this awesome little show outside. they questioned our ability to participate but luckily 2/3 of us speak spanish.

we went on a shopping spree and finally got a carseat, diapers, stroller, and a bunch of other things we still needed. we'll see if we actually need them any day now.
i wore this dress like 4 days in a row, nbd.
 so many cool pics of this preggo.
 last week was my last day of work! crazy that less than two years ago it was just scott, veronica, and i. now look at the team!
 i felt very celebrated. can't complain about that!
 bogo slurpees anyone? living it up these last few days!
 my mom pulled out a bunch of photos of when she was pregnant and first had me. isn't she beautiful? i loved looking and comparing.
 and now grandma is in town, so baby, we're ready when you are! can't believe we are at 40 weeks.
it's been a real treat.

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