Sunday, April 24, 2016

bumpdate - 34 weeks

i am: 34 weeks, 2 days

baby is: 4.7 lb. and the size of a butternut squash

feeling: happy despite growing ever more uncomfortable. and a bit overwhelmed with all the decisions that come with bringing a new life into this world.

seeing: my belly. all the time. i'm large and in charge, and people are not afraid to comment on it!

listening: hamilton. i know, i know, so trendy right now! but if you haven't listened, you should. also, great comments from everyone i interact with... "you've doubled in size since last week!" "you must be ready to go any day now!" "look at your belly! you're delivering early for sure." "you look as tired as i feel!" seriously though, we should probably start teaching "what to say to a pregnant lady 101" in school. 

craving: all the chocolate. and sweets. mostly just chocolate though.

reading:  the seven habits of highly effective people (almost done!), brooklyn, and the sequel to ms. peregrine's home for peculiar children.

writing: i was given a one line a day journal at my shower and it's been fun jotting down little memories of each day.

wearing: dresses and skirts all the time to beat the heat.

lowlights: being so uncomfortable at night!

highlights: baby moving all day everyday. celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary! (finally) choosing a rocker for our nursery. getting the guest room ready for jenn to come live with us this summer. 

some of our latest adventures:

last week andrew's bros came into town for a quick trip before Steven left on his mission. we went bowling and i got my PR... 140! guess the extra weight helped?

we've been on the hunt for a rocker, and i finally picked one using the group gift money from my baby shower! hooray. 

on thursday we celebrated our 4th anniversary! i love looking back through the years. we have had some good ones. also, andrew always picks the prettiest flowers!

since i pretty much just waddle around these days we kept it pretty low key. andrew surprised me with flowers and chocolate on my car at work, and then more flowers and more chocolate when we got home! the best!

 we went to dinner at a local hot spot, dada, and i got a very virgin mojito. it was very exciting.

 dinner was absolutely divine. i had the best ravioli of my life and andrew had some tasty pork chops.

 the day we got married we went to dinner in park city, and another table overheard that we were married that day and ended up paying for our dinner. it was such a kind gesture that confirmed to us what a happy, great decision we had made that day. i hope we get to repeat it someday for another blissful couple. for our first anniversary we went to the same restaurant, and they gave us dessert on the house—creme brulee. whenever we see it on the menu we have to get it, and this nutella creme brulee did not disappoint!
 the waitresses at the restaurant apparently have taken "what to say to a pregnant lady 101" because they said all the right things. ha. just tell me i look great, okay?
 (even if i am a giant)

i sure love this man of mine, and i'm so happy we chose each other and continue to choose each other every day. sometimes it's a little sad to think that these are our last few weeks of being just the two of us, but we are both so looking forward to the adventure ahead. i'm excited to see how our relationship continues to grow as we become parents. so much love for andrew and this little baby!

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