Saturday, March 5, 2016

bumpdate - 27 weeks

i am: 27 weeks, 2 days

baby is: 1.9 lb. and the size of an acorn squash, apparently

feeling: very tired. lots of energy goes into this growing a human thing. and calf cramps!!!! holy cow.

seeing: sunshine and happiness. every time i mention that i am due in june to someone down here, they bring up how lucky i am that i won't be pregnant throughout the hot and humid summer. i can't lie though, i'm excited for the weather to warm up a little!

listening: spotify. how did i just discover this? i was using songza before but they got bought out by google, so my alliance has turned.

craving: more time with andrew. he's in full-fledged study mode for his first board test "Step 1," which is an 8 hour long multiple choice test that basically determines what residency he will be able to apply for. he's currently studying from 8 AM to 10 or 11 PM. literally all day. i've been reading a lot. and sleeping a lot. if you are curious about how "choosing" a residency works, this article about the match says it all. 

reading: i just finished all the light we cannot see. definitely a 5 star read. it drifts between several different perspectives, which can be confusing, but the story was so sweet. i also recently finished miss peregrine's home for peculiar children, which was a total page turner! i'm currently reading the seven habits of highly effective people and a book about hynpobirthing. i'd also highly recommend the continuous conversion if you're looking for some spiritual uplift to add to your day. like i said... reading a lot.

wearing: bathing suits! i found two cute maternity suits, and i'm loving my pool days. 

lowlights: my gestational diabetes test. the. worst. (i don't have it though, so hooray!)

highlights: this rapidly growing belly. having (most of) my family in town for valentine's day and working on the nursery together. seeing baby move. putting together our little gender reveal video and getting lots of sweet and tender responses. we're so excited for our little baby boy! 

in case you missed it...

and just a few pictures from when the family was in town...  :)

our adventures in the everglades.

we took an airboat ride just for kicks and then rented bikes at shark valley and probably saw 20 gators? you ride literally right next to them which doesn't seem safe, but they are pretty content to just lay in the sun. only one looked like he wanted to eat us... however, if you want a gator experience, shark valley is the way to go.
 can you see the gator?

 there's a gator somewhere in this picture too..

sunday was valentine's day (one of my favorite holidays because i love love!), which of course meant breakfast for dinner! peach marba!
 and my mom's famous sugar cookies! the best!
and lots of wearing pink and red!

 we also took a lovely little stroll (and nap) on the beach.

 my mom gave me this adorable shirt so we had a little photoshoot.

their trip also consisted of a trip to ikea, setting up lots of ikea furniture, many trips to home depot and target, exploring the girls u-pick strawberry patch/bird sanctuary and boys market, eating lots and lots of tasty food, a temple trip with my momma, more beach time, more favorite restaurants, and lots of morning walks followed by morning runs.

while i was at work and andrew studied, my dad fixed all the little things around our house we hadn't gotten to yet (thank you!!!), mike built lots of ikea furniture (thank you!!!), and my mom brought us lunch, cleaned our house, and made sure we had brand-name ziploc baggies (thank you!!!). it was such a treat to spend time with them and have them spoil us and future grand-baby.

 these are timeless classics:

 mom & me in a strawberry

 it's a boy!!!
 sneak peak of the nursery

we loved having them here. come back soon!

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