Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Magical Birthday

The birthday festivities started a couple weeks early while we were in Montana. This year my cabin birthday was DONUT themed which was just awesome. I woke up to decorations and donuts for breakfast and ended the day with a night at the 'Mill of course! Being with family is the best.

A couple days before my actual birthday, I was having some serious FOMO and was kind of bummed I wouldn't get to celebrate the official day with my fam. Little did I know Anj had a great surprise up his sleeve.

Tuesday after work I came home to an already packed overnight bag (hmmm) and directions to go get in the car because we were going to an early birthday dinner. I had to run a few errands for my new calling as Relief Society President, and they ended up taking longer than I thought. Andrew was planning on going to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants in Orlando, but by the time we left, he knew we wouldn't make it. So we hit the freeway and ended up at a  Five Guys in Ft. Pierce.... kind of a random birthday dinner surprise!

We kept driving and driving, and though I am not known for directional prowess, I did have a feeling that we were headed to Orlando. There aren't TOO many things to do in Orlando, so I had my suspicions, but I still had no idea what was in store.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to open a few presents which included tickets to DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeee!!!! Andrew figured that if I couldn't be at my favorite place for my birthday, I might as well be at my second favorite place. What a guy. So we ate a quick Fairfield Inn breakfast and headed to the park. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Disneyland for my birthday so I could get one of those birthday buttons, and I finally got my chance. 

We decided to go to Magic Kingdom because it is just the most happy and magical and Disneyland like, but DisneyWorld itself is HUGE! We got there right as it opened and just had the time of our lives the whole day. It really was a such a happy birthday surprise. 


We made it in! And I got my birthday button first thing! All of the cast members say "Happy Birthday" all day and it just makes you feel so special.

splash = wet.

What 25 year old doesn't want to spend her birthday riding a carousel?
Birthday Perk: We ordered one Lafou's Brew (toasted marshmallow flavored frozen apple juice with passion fruit mango foam.. aka wanna be butterbeer?) to share and they gave me a free one for my bday. Oh yeah.
The line to see Mickey was 100+ minutes, so Mary will have to do.
DisneyWorld is a little smaller than Disneyland, and it was a busy day, so we had hit all the rides we wanted to do (including waiting 2 hours for Peter Pan!!!!!) and braved some good old Florida rain. By 7 pm, we decided to take off for a delicious birthday dinner at our favorite BBQ place. We went all out. So worth it. 
On our drive back to the hotel from dinner, we passed a familiar looking place... The Orlando Temple! It is such a beautiful building, and it was another fun little surprise.
I had to be back at work the next day, so we headed home that night. Naturally, I broke out the donut socks for the drive. It was a perfect, happy day, and I felt so celebrated. Ir's always fun to see who ends up writing on your wall, commenting on your pictures, and sending sweet messages on your birthday. Thanks to everyone who shared the love!
I can't think of a more perfectly magical way to start 25!

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