Monday, November 11, 2013

the happiest place on earth

sometimes you just need to go to disneyland.
maybe you haven't been in a while. maybe you've never seen it all decked out for halloween.
whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to go.
so you do.

a few weeks ago i met up with my mom/bff in the john wayne airport, hopped in a taxi, and headed to the happiest place on earth. it was a cloudy but warm thursday in october (a perfect disney day), and we were ready to do the day right. 

from fast passing world of color first thing, to waiting no more than twenty minutes in any line, to eating every (necessary) sweet and savory disney treat... i'll say we did it right. in fact, we did it better than right. 
we do disneyland best. 

don't believe me? i'll show you. (of course)

i prepared by getting my nails done. 
and we started the day off right with toy story midway mania. mom won. (she always wins)
and then we had several requests to remake our carrousel picture of disneylands past. 
so we did.
we had to ride the carrousel, sans music, and it wasn't the best. 
we still had fun, of course. 
also... we had to resort to the CA adventure carrousel for our remake because king arthur's carrousel was CLOSED!!! disappointing. but still fun, like i said.
 after hitting screamin' we headed to cars land, which is new and particularly adorable.
 cute, right?
disney secret #1: if ever the line is long, go for the single rider pass! you get to sneak up the back of the line and hop in whenever there is an empty spot because of an odd-numbered group. half the time you end up in the same car!
this happened to be the other half of the time...
when this family wanted a cute picture, my mom decided not only to join them, but to ask the father if he would so kindly send her the picture. awesome. (as you can see he did)
we liked cars land. people liked our matching shirts.
then we headed over to disneyland, which really is one of my very favorite places. 
seeing it all decked out for halloween was a (spooky) treat!
 running into mickey as we walked in the gates wasn't bad either. 
pumpkins everywhere. i love pumpkins! and i love mickey pumpkins.
we spent most of the day just looking really good. 
we couldn't get over the holiday decor.
disneyland is just plain magical.
 they also had a little dia de los muertos section which we loved. 
there was a disney worker doing face painting, so we got cute skulls on our arms. (close enough)
 disney secret #2: eat dole whip. it's the best ever. and go inside the tiki room gate to beat the line, you can just walk back out the way you came in!
 what's a disney trip without a castle picture?
 or the obligatory picture of your picture? (our heart failed. and we held it up way longer than we needed to)
 space mountain ghost galaxy was not as frightening as this sign/her face make it look.
disney secret #3: bengal barbecue (across from indy) is THE best place to eat in the park. get the veggie skewer. it rocks. also get a mint julep. and mickey beignets. and cotton candy. and a giant pickle. 
we <3 food
 besides eating everything, we also did several more rides (pirates, storybook cruise, indy, star tours, astro blasters, haunted mansion... etc. etc.), laughed way more than necessary, took a miljion pictures, strolled around the park, never used a map, and reveled in all the halloween disney glory. 
our perfect disney day ended with the wonderful world of color.
disney secret #4: if you went to disneyland and all you did was watch this show, it would be worth it. we laugh, we cry, we dance, we sing along. 
it's magical.
 moral of the story: we went to disneyland, we did it right, we did it best,
and we loved it.

^^ wouldn't be a disney trip without a too-early-in-the-AM-airport-zebra-hot-chocolate.

thanks for a perfect disney day, mom. 


  1. looks like so much fun! i still have yet to go to disneyland during the holidays. someday! :)

  2. I'm totally jealous of this trip. And I LOVE that you went with your momma. You guys are the cutest people ever!

  3. I love that you just went to disneyland with your mom - what an awesome relationship! You guys are adorable.
    New follower - whit from { Raspy Wit }

  4. This is just an absolutely fantastic trip that you and your Mother shared. Great memories! Great photos! We are so happy you could share this day and make such beautiful memories. We would have loved to shadow the two of you there though I am not sure that we would ever keep up. So instead, we loved this blog and your sharing it with us. We love you. Grandpa and Grandma Hart

  5. Wow! I loved all of these pictures. Looks like SO much fun and so many memories already. What a fun little trip you were able to take!

  6. That sounds so awesome!! I've never been there, but I'd like to go!