Tuesday, May 15, 2012

i'm back. we're back?

hello all.
after a crazy, wonderful month i am finally back in action.
the layout is temporary, but i kind of like it.

i wish i had wedding pictures to show you,
alas, my photographer is so good i have yet to get them.
(keep your fingers crossed it is soon, soon, soon!)

so for now, here is a little update for ya!
since my last post....

we took a quick trip to CA and anj got to go to his first major league baseball game!
 i went through the oakland temple,
it was a beautiful day.
 i loved being there with my dear parents.
 we made around a million tissue paper puff balls.
 no exaggeration. 
my best friend graduated from college!
 go girl! 
(i have one more semester and two online classes to go..)
we had an amazing reception.
crepes, dancing, puff balls galore...
and then we got married. 
 we sealed the deal for time and all eternity. 
welcome to the world Andrew and Madeline Barrett.
 we went on an amazing mexican getaway for our
we flew from mexico to idaho falls to see another best friend be sealed to her new best friend!
 and i pulled faces like this....
congratulations Mallory and Daniel Barrick!
(our last names are now highly similar!)
 we had a blast finding treats in the grandparents' closets
 then headed to sunny CA for a quick trip to the city.
san fran that is!
 me and my new fam at ghirardelli
 we managed to squeeze in a tour of google campus
 and ride their colorful google bikes.
 then had a FABULOUS open house at my home,
it was a cookies and milk party, and it was ADORABLE.
 my mom made 850 cookies. no big deal.
 we headed back to salt lake to open all of our wonderful gifts. (everyone is so generous!)
and managed to fit in a trip to provo and tye dye some socks with mind and robb.
 and then we packed up the car til it was basically bursting at the seams and drove nine hours on over to colorado springs,
 where we have settled in quite nicely
 mexican tablecloth and all.
anj is selling like a champ, and i got a job at a fifty's diner.
i have a 'stage name' and am required to wear red lipstick every day. 
 anj did this dance move....
 and my mom, jenn and i all wore dresses my grandma rocked back in her earlier years to honor her for mother's day. aren't they fun?

and somewhere in between all that we had time for a little bit of this....

more to come later! hopefully i'll be more up to date these days. sure love you all and thanks for stopping by. let me know what you think!


  1. Haha! You crack me up! That wedding picture is priceless and should hang on their living room wall at all times. Colorado?

  2. Madeline, Congratulations Beautiful! We are so happy for you both. Wishing you joy and happiness each and every day! Sidenote: The week of the wedding my sister (who is 10 years older than me)called me and asked me if I knew the Bodines. Of course I do!! Well, my brother in law and your father in law both belong to the JMC's from Provo High. Small world! They are Scott and Lois Sucher.

  3. Maddie, you two are a beautiful couple! I enjoy shamelessly stalking your blog, and congrats on getting married! So fun!