Saturday, July 23, 2011


i have had two wonderful weeks of efy.
but do you want to know the very best part of those two weeks?
let me tell you.

i quite like this boy. 
i knew i wouldn't see him this weekend, so i asked him to come down and see me wednesday night.
(i was doing stay at home EFY so i had the nights off)
he said okay. 
madeline = happy

fast forward to wednesday at about 8:45 pm during personal scripture study.
i get a text.
'would you kill me if i didn't make it down tonight?'
madeline = not so happy

he has lots of packing to do and by the time he is done it will be too late to make the drive.
there is still a chance, but it isn't likely.
oh well.
i get over it.
i drag my feet as i leave our business meeting.

i get to my car and see a green piece of paper in my window.
it is a mini golf score card. what?
it has a note on it.
'hope you have had a good day so far. hopefully i will see you later tonight'
madeline = confused.

my phone starts ringing.
it's him.
i answer. still confused.
he says look to your left.
and he is there. across the street. laughing.
madeline = tricked.
madeline = ecstatic.
andrew = adorable. 

efy was good too.
i promise.
 i had two fabulous groups
beautiful girls
 bonding with bandaids
 and even an early birthday.
and right now i am in montana with my dear friend kayla. 
just for a day.
i love my life.

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  1. mmm... I love this story. More please. Love you.